Week 1- Classmate Conversation: Linney Sar

Or as I would like to call it A new friend.

Chatting with Linney

This past Wednesday was the first day of Art110. I conversed with many people in particular, Linney Sar. Let me tell you a little bit about her. Linney Sar is a 4th year Health Science major. She is minoring in Community Education and Asian Studies. It is her birthday this week. She told me she was going to go skydiving! That is awesome and also very scary :} I am afraid of heights.

On to the question of the week “Who is you favorite artist?”

Linney did not have a favorite artist but a favorite piece of art. Her favorite piece of art is an ancient Cambodian temple called Angkor Wat.

Angkor-Wat-Siem-Reap-Cambodia-©-Lakhesis-Dreamstime1 Angkor Wat also known as “Temple City”

Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world. Linney admires its architectural qualities as “it is an ancient temple ahead of its time” as stated by her. She is amazed the temple includes a sanitation structure as hygiene was not as important during the time of its construction, which was in the early 12th century under the Khmer Empire. In addition, Linney appreciates it for being the only Hindu temple of origin in Cambodia, all the other are Buddhist bred. The temple was dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu and represents Hindu cosmology. Its “foreign” features are evident and include the placement of its principle temples and sculptures. Even though it is different than the rest, it is a significant symbol of Cambodian culture and even appears on their national flag. This is important to Linney because she is of Cambodian descent.

Flag_of_Cambodia.svgCambodian National Flag

I now have a greater admiration of Angkor Wat.

Great meeting you Linney!





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