Week 1 – Art Experience – Pound it

Pound it.

Plaster Casting

Yesterday I had the pleasure of molding my own hand or should I say fist with my friend Jessica. Let’s just say we had an interesting experience and had to do it twice.

The first time. After we had molded our hands in the sand we mixed the plaster together but we did the mixing close to the water (which was a bad decision). By the time we took our short trip back to our sand molds which was about 3 seconds (literally) the plaster had already begun to harden. We started freaking out and tried fixing the situation.  We stirred harder and poured more water but it was not working. We decided to pour what we had however, what we had were chunks of plaster. We ended up with a single big and chunky mold not a hand.

Luckily, we had more plaster.

The second and last time. This time we had learned our lesson. Stir and pour as soon as possible. The plaster easily flowed inside our molds. After 30 minutes of waiting, we carefully excavated our molds. My mold came out pretty big. I always thought I had a small hand, I guess not.

IMG_04881 Our second try and the plaster is not chunky.

I changed my mold for our second try. I wanted to make a rocker pose the first time but decided on a fist because the sand kept falling in on the first mold.

IMG_04921 From left to right: Jessica’s hand, the chunky mess, Yesenia’s (me) fist

I have never used plaster or molded anything before. I have seen it done before but is has been with wax.  If anything, I want to do it again. Next time, I am making my rocker pose.

IMG_04931Jessica and I happy for our success.

What I learned. Keep trying and have a backup plan. Things do not always go smoothly. Also pay attention to the instructions. Professor Glenn did warn us it would harden quickly.

My final touch to the art activity is paint. I decided to make it even more unique.


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