Week 2- Classmate Conversation: Raul Silva


A new friend part 2.

Chatting with Raul Silva.

This week I met a new classmate named Raul Silva. Raul Silva is  a 2nd year Mechanical Engineer with a minor in Math. However, when I asked Raul what he wanted to do with his major he said nothing. His goal in life is to become a serial entrepreneur. He is not waiting for graduation to pursue his goals but today.

I have to say at first I did not know what a serial entrepreneur was so of course I went to Google to educate myself. This is what Google taught me, unlike an entrepreneur who comes up his own idea and follows through with its development, a serial entrepreneur comes up with an idea, gets it started and then hands it off to someone else to continue with it.

Raul is inspired to be his own boss because his own father and grandfather had their own businesses.  Raul just wants to take it a step further.

On to the question of the week: “Is art actually important? In today’s world?”

Raul said Yes! But why?

He believes art is the ability to create and connect the visual world to the physical world. Art is a contribution and interpretation of our world. Everyone should be able to express themselves.

I have to agree with him, freedom of expression is important.

Raul I hope the best for you. You definitely are a determined man.

Great meeting you Raul!




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