Week 2- Art Experience- Child’s Play

Landscapes with a corpse

I have to say I quite enjoyed this art activity. I did not think of it as gruesome, on the other hand I found it interesting. Maybe it was because I was not thinking of death or my death specifically. I was completely desensitized of the notion of dying.

I did realize this was a twisted activity once I started talking to people of what I had to do. My mom for example was horrified of the idea.

I was not sure how to “die” at first I thought at a concert or maybe a park. But as I saw this naked baby doll outside my house and thought it looked creepy. As a child I loved playing with dolls but at night I would always be scared of them. (I blame Chucky and those exorcism movies of possessed dolls)

I decided to use my childhood fear of dolls for this activity. My niece had left tons of dolls and stuffed animals at my house this weekend so I used them to my advantage.

The dolls and stuffed animals framed my figure because they were the direct the cause of my death.  – Policeman always draw the outline of a dead body after it has been removed so I thought it would be cool to do so.

I took the photographs on the small plot of grass (dead grass) of the apartment next door. I felt kinda embarrassed laying on the grass with dolls all around me. People would pass and just stare.

I enjoyed doing this activity no matter what people thought of it as it was being created.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And shout out to my sister for helping me take the pictures.




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