Week 3 – Classmate Conversation: Fatima Negrete -Farias


New friend part 3

Chatting with Fatima Negrete-Farias

Week 3: This week was our first week at the School of  Art Galleries. I met Fatima, we were both conversing with the same artist. Although, Fatima had already spoken with someone else she was kind enough to do another. Thank you!

Fatima is a sophomore majoring in Accounting. Numbers are her life! She is from Compton, which she says is not as bad or “ghetto” as people portray it to be i.e. the movie Compton featuring NWA – I gotta say that was a good movie. Anyways, as we chatted with John, the artist, and I mentioned I went to Long Beach Poly High School, she shouted “BOOO!”  I was offended of course, I have Poly pride (just playing). Fatima said Poly was a rival of her high school. In high school, she played badminton and as a team her Compton high school would lose to Poly, however, as an individual player Fatima would always beat Poly. You go girl! Although, I am happy my school still technically beat her 🙂

On to the question of the week:

What type of art has had the most influence on where you are today?

Fatima had a hard time with this question, she did not know at first. I think it was because we were thinking of art as in paintings, sculptors, drawings and not the broader context which includes music and fashion. By looking at art in this context she realized fashion was influential in her life. It was not designers or fashion trends that were significant but the composure of clothing. She said she ALWAYS has to match. She ALWAYS has to look put together. Fashion is important to Fatima because it makes her feel presentable to the world. She is able to be confident. I will agree with her clothing can make you feel better about your appearance because it is an expression of who you are.

Confidence is key.

Thanks for talking to me Fatima!

Keep playing badminton and beating everyone!



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