Week 3- Artist Conversation: John Mueller


Artist: John Mueller

Exhibition: Concentrated Studies in Life Painting

Media: Oil on canvas

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

Instagram: rumblytummy

John Mueller is an undergraduate student majoring in Drawing and Painting under the School of Art at CSULB. This upcoming spring this Long Beach local will be graduating with his Bachelors Degree. John loves to draw and paint his surroundings, particularly his dogs. One of his dogs’ named Harlee is pictured above in his painting.  John wants for people to create their own interpretation of his work, he does not want people to be influenced or swayed by others as art is a form of expression.

John’s oil painting consisted of many small strokes throughout the canvas. These strokes exhibited contrasting colors. Brighter, happier colors for example pink and purple stood in the background. Darker, gloomier shades of gray, on the other hand, were used for the majority of the painting specifically, the man with the pointed hat in the oil painting.

John likes people to think when they see his paintings. However, he uses what is around him in his paintings, therefore, the scene he has depicted in this painting is a creation of his world. Making it personal but also relatable for his audience. In his painting he has used the portrait of his own dog, Harlee. The male in the painting can be a reflection of yourself and the artist, John. Self reflection is a good tool but it can become over scrutinizing. The male has spent too much time in a darkened state while the the bright and exciting outside world has been passing him by.

My first week at the galleries was interesting. I was attracted to John’s painting because of the contrasting colors. I felt I was in a darkened state while the beautiful sky and world me by passed. The dog was my only companion and best friend. Harlee is the life of the painting. John chose not to express his ideas for his painting and I found that to be refreshing. I was able to come up with my own conclusion and ideas. It is easier to agree with others than to form your own opinions.

The artist



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