Week 4 – Artist Conversation: Carly Lake


Artist: Carly Lake

Exhibition: Closer (in collaboration with May Ta)

Media: Mixed Media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: carlylake.com

Instagram: sea.lake


This is Carly Lake’s last semester and she is ready to head out into the world. Carly is an Illustrations major and minor in American Indian Studies at CSULB. Carly’s two passions in life are art and soccer. She plays for a soccer league in her hometown of Covina, California and even dreamed of being a professional soccer player as a child. This summer she worked at an arts camp in Long Beach and was able to teach children how to express themselves through various art forms.

Carly and May’s exhibition Closer created the ambiance of a room. Once you walked in you were walking into a strangers intimate home. There was a chair with shoes and a table with picture frames in the middle of the room, a mattress at the end of the gallery with a blanket of sewed love letters and even windows. The various paintings and sculptors that hung around the walls of the gallery demonstrated bodies and empty landscapes. Closer was intended to be exhibited from right to left according to the artist so as you went along the guest would inhibit the stranger’s intimate, private life.

Carly and May were exploring human nature’s longing for intimacy. They were trying to convey to the guest how they could feel a connection to the stranger while at the same time be distant. As a guest, one is inhibiting the stranger’s private space but the stranger is no where to be found.  Intimacy is usually sought with another person but can also exist with oneself. Bodies closeness convey the connection people create with one another. Solitude is greatly feared by many. In solitude, one can also find liberation. One enters the world and leaves it alone.

This exhibit resonated with me. We, as human beings, long for a partner in life. It is human nature to mate and seek intimacy. The fear of ending up along is great and looked down upon by society. A partner is supposed to help you discover who you are and grow but it can also stump you. Some connections are create greater isolation. Through this exhibit I was able to explore my own desires. I long for a partner to share myself with but who truly fits.

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