Week 5 – Art Experience: Graffiti

Me on the left and Jessica on the right. 

Yessi the tagger.

I love graffiti. It is an underappreciated and misunderstood form of art. I was excited about this week’s art activity. I had a friend take this class 4 years ago, whom invited me along when she had to do this activity. I went along with her and even painted. I always said I would take this class just to do this activity and here I am. Coincidentally, just this week I had the picture of me and my friend doing this activity pop up on Facebook saying “hey you posted this 4 years ago”. I thought that was great timing.

I went to Venice Beach with sister and friend. Venice is such a cool and weird place. The culture here is different but in a good way. After creating some art and having some good iced tea ,- Thanks Professor Zucman!- we decided to walk and check Venice Beach out. We did not walk far before we were attracted by some street performers, the cool group of 10 or so guys who dance and do cool B-Boy tricks. The show was about an hour. The sun burned our backs and I got a tan but we watched the entire performance. They were hilarious!

I had other commitments so we had to leave. However, we all agreed we had to come back to graffiti on the walls and hang in Venice Beach.


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