Week 5-Artist Conversation: Jane Weibel

Artist: Jane Weibel

Exhbition: Psycho Cycle

Media: Ceramics and Mixed Media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: janeweibel.com

Instagram: janemargarette

Jane Weibel is in her last semester at CSULB. She is an undergraduate student pursuing her Bachelors degree in Ceramics. However, she is not stopping there.  She plans to apply to graduate school at UCLA. Jane chose ceramics because of its duality as it is both fragile and strong all at the same time. She has been working on this installation since the summer.

Jane Weibel’s exhibition Psycho Cycle consists of various installments throughout the gallery. She has “rocks” crushing, a cage, a tall column of tubes, and confetti. The confetti is about a foot tall and on the side of the wall. She has pictures of women’s body parts being crushed by rocks and rope. The cage made up of plastic pieces of storage containers is vibrant and full of various colors. The size and color automatically attracts your attention.

Psycho Cycle is a proclamation. Jane Weibel wants us to know she is a Feminist. Through her exhibition, Jane is expressing the various forms women are “crushed and imprisoned” in our society. The cage is physical imprisonment and limits women’s movement. However, the rocks are more symbolic. The rocks represent the pressure society imposes on women to be beautiful and “womanly”.  Women consistently have to struggle and have a lot of baggage imposed on them by society.

I resonated with Jane’s installation. I too am a Feminist.  As a woman, I know the constant struggles and pressures society imposes. My favorite piece is the cage. It is beautiful and bright but restraining.  There is an immediate attraction to it but it is the most limiting and powerful. Societal norms as unspoken rules help create order in society but they can also make you feel caged in. I think the cage represents these unspoken rules of “order”.  We have to break free of there beauty and create change.

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