Week 6 – Art Experience: Zine


Zine? I thought, what is that? I had not heard of such a thing. So I googled obviously. I learned it is a small circulation of self published books about any topic you desire, sometimes too controversial for mainstream media. (Wiki taught me this). Well that is very interesting and fun!

In class this week I made my zine book, but did not know what to draw or write in it. Should it be controversial? Nope. Something I am interested in? Yes! But, what?

Solution. A collage of my many interests. I personally love collages. They are soothing to make.

FYI: That is Mindy Kaling from the show the Mindy Project now on Hulu. I love her so much 🙂 She is so funny everyone should watch her.

Making this zine was like therapy. It helped me take time for myself and relax. Cutting up paper and looking through magazines, that is a good day.

I shall make more zines in the future.



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