Week 8 – Art Experience: Sketching in the Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

We are officially half way through the semester and a serene art experience was definitely necessary.

This week we went to the Japanese Garden. I love this place because feeding the koi fish is so much fun! I like how all the fishes flock to you for food. It is survival of the fittest because the big fish always eat most of the food. I wonder how the little fish even make through? ANYWAYS

Sketching in the garden was nice because everyone is so quiet and calm. You do not have to be quiet but the ambiance of the garden suggests you should be.

My short timed sketches were not so great as I felt rushed. 20161016_185314.jpg Here is an example.

My two favorite sketches were representational.

20161016_185322 I drew a bush and a duck. The duck was harder to sketch because it was dark and its colors blended all over. The bush had so many aspects to it as well. Branches coming out from all angles and leaves in every direction. My favorite things to sketch have always been nature, especially trees.

I would have to say the abstract drawings were harder than drawing my hand. I think because the word abstract is hard to define. I did not know what I should draw or how to do it. My conclusion was to draw the shapes.

I should really go visit the Japanese Garden more often.




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