Week 8-Classmate Conversation: Pamela Ajoste


Pa-me-la Ajoste.

I have differentiated her name because although you spell it Pamela. You do not pronounce it in that manner.

This week I met Pamela Ajoste. She is a 3rd year Nursing student. I gotta give her credit nursing at Cal State is not easy. She is getting ready to apply to the nursing program. Good luck!

Question #1: Pamela said that nature is a piece of art she would like to share with the world. She loves going hiking and thinks more people should do it. Get away from the hustle and bustle and engage with mother nature. People take it for granted and do not always appreciate its beauty as well as its peacefulness.

Question #2: YES! Pamela would be support her child if she/he wanted to be an artist. Why not? If that is their dream than they should go for it. Everything takes hard work so if they truly want it they will work for it. She says there is a misconception that artists are not successful does not that is not true. She thinks that with enough strive and commitment a career as a successful artist is possible. She is an optimist most definitely!

Question #3: Pamela and I did not have many apps in common as I do not have much on my phone. I do not really use it or am too attached to it as most people are. We only had Instagram in common.

That is the only social media app I have, but Pamela has them all. Snapchat, FB, Insta, YouTube, Pinterest, Spotify, Shazaam, Yelp, Venmo,group me … etc.

Her most interesting app I thought was a Constellation app. You point your camera at a star in the sky and it tells you what star it is. I did not even know that existed. Cool.

Great meeting you Pamela Ajoste and exposing me to the constellation app!

I might need to download that one.






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