Week 9- Art Experience: Art Care Package

I loved this idea!

Why? You say?

Because I have always wanted to send a package to a loved one through mail. I always liked the idea of a pen pal. No matter how long mail takes it is a sweet gesture, which I think is greater than instant messaging. It takes more thought, time and effort to create a package then a text. It demonstrates real care.

I decided to send my package to my sister, she is living abroad in Florence, Italy for a year or so. I really miss her as  she is my best friend. We did everything together before she moved.

My care package consists of:

  • a book of Mindy Kaling, we love her!
  •  One Direction calendar, don’t judge us we were such fangirls
  • a beret cause she loves them
  • JB Christmas CD, this is her ultimate soundtrack, I don’t understand why
  • a journal for her to write in
  • a picture and card my niece drew/ made for her, she misses her too
  • a jar full of concert tickets and wristbands from all the events we have gone for the past 5 years, we loved to collect them and keep as a memory, it is fun to look through them as see where we have gone
  • toothbrush, good hygiene
  • Batman coin purse, Christian Bale is our favorite
  • a clay pot I made at work and painted so she can put her earrings and bobby pins, so she does not lose them
  • pictures of us with my niece and another with our other sister
  • Star Wars mini lightsaber, may the force be with you
  • delicious Mexican candy my mom brought from Tijuana 2 weeks ago, her favorite                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         She does not know I am sending it so it will be a great surprise! Especially since she has been feeling homesick lately.                                 20161023_213322.jpg

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