Week 11- Classmate Conversation: Bunny Horn

A new friend

This week I met Bunny Horn.


Bunny is a second year pre- kinesiology exercise science major.  Bunny appreciates fan art. Fan art to her, demonstrates the appreciation and love for an artist. She thinks Demi Lovato may have overreacted about the her fan’s depiction of her. She thinks Demi should have demonstrated her support of art and encouraged the artist. Art is important.  Bunny believes fan art to be a way to express yourself. SHe both agrees and disagrees with Demi’s reaction. I agree with her.

Bunny also states that a famous person, as an artist, should see fan art as the best they can do. They should should feel that way because the art has been made by a fan, someone who loves you.  Bunny thinks it is different when the art is made by someone who is not a fan or someone who has bad intentions. When it is someone like that then your reaction can be different, Demi can say they are wrong.

Great meeting you Bunny!






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