Week 12 – Artist Conversation: Photo Collective

Photo Collective

Exhibit: Through our Eyes

Media: Photography

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East Gallery

Website (email):  photoclub007@gmail.com

Instagram: csulbphotocollective

This week, I am not highlighting a particular artist but the Photo Collective of Cal State Long Beach. They are a group of people who come together to talk about art and life. They go on trips, have workshops and group exhibitions. Their goal is to form a community of image makers and open dialogue through their photography.

Through our Eyes’ exhibition consisted of a collaboration of 10 artists. The gallery appeared to have various mini photo exhibits throughout the gallery. The first piece I noticed when I walked in was of  a broken window with photos overflowing with glass on the floor. There was also a distorted photograph of a face. There was a section with a mannequin leg hanging from the ceiling with various photos near it on the wall and some hanging from it. At one end there were letters on the floor that said “Fall down 7 times”. All the pieces were different but connected by the environment and purpose.

This exhibit focused on the idea of “the self”. Each artist depicted their sense of “self” through their photographs. They also hoped to explore the limits of a 2D object like a photograph and the existence of art past this medium.  For example, the broken window with overflowing photos. It explores the existence of a photo outside its typical dimension. The distorted photograph of the face, shows how the artist feels about their sense of self: deformed and/or twisted. They are lost in who they are.

I really enjoyed seeing the various pieces and the artists individual take on “the self ” in a single exhibit. It made you question what you think of yourself from multiple angles all at once, instead of focusing on one aspect.  I connected with the distorted photograph as someone in college and graduating soon you feel lost in who you are, broken by who you should be and who you want to be. In addition , this exhibit made me question the significance of a photograph. A photo exists outside its form depending on its significance to the viewer and artist.




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