Week 14 – Art Experience: Instagram Day


I have mixed feelings about this art experience. I agree with Professor Glenn that he does need a technology media form art project, we are in the 21st century. However, it just that people wish to keep their social media accounts private– I sure do.  I barely even post and it was odd for me to post 4 pictures in a day. My friends were surprised! I even had a friend of mine post “damn posting some good s*** today” That is too funny 🙂

I have an idea.

Professor Glenn said he liked Twitter, so maybe next time you use Twitter as the medium. Twitter is hilarious and use it throughout the semester. The whole class can follow each other.

Looking at our “giant group selfie” I noticed a lot of school related pictures: of campus, in the classroom, driving to school, leaving  school etc.


Since it was a school day, this was probable. We are all connected in that way. However, besides pictures of CSULB. There was variation. One that stood out to me was a picture of a concert. One of my classmates went to go see Two Door Cinema Club.

instagr I know some songs. I am not a huge fan, but I thought it was really cool! I love to go to concerts and just thought it was awesome, especially since it was Hump Day.

I see us as a community. We do not have to know each other personally to feel connected. I think tags do that on Instagram. Well that is what social media and technology does, they create a feeling of comradeship.  It make us feel like we are one people even though we live different lives.



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