Week 14- Classmate Conversation: Claudia Sanchez

Last Classmate Conversation of the semester. Last new friend for art class

Meet Claudia Sanchez

She is a transfer student from ELAC, so whether she is a third year or fourth is a little tricky. Claudia is pursuing a Bachelors in Nursing with a minor in Anthropology. She is getting ready to apply to for Nursing School at CSULB which is so competitive – Good luck!

She wants to be an Obstetrics nurse fyi. Deliver Babies. How cute and gross, birthing is not cute but the babies are. She loves to go to concerts and her favorite band is Coldplay. Which we both happened to go to their concert at the Rose Bowl this past September! It was awesome 🙂

Image result for coldplay rose bowl

Claudia is ready for the semester to be over so she can spend time with her family and  cook tamales all day long. Yummy.

As for the question of the week-how will the college experience be in 2036?

We both agreed there will be an increase in online courses. They are easier to take and easier to personalize in your schedule. Even though, I personally do not like them. It beats having to waste time driving and parking. Claudia also thought campuses will get extremely impacted. That is a good sign as it indicates the value society has on education but it will make it harder for people to get their classes and let’s not talk about parking. Ughhh.

Tuition is another factor. It will most definitely have increased. Claudia cannot even imagine how much.

Great meeting you Claudia and maybe we will bump into each other at the next Coldplay concert



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