Week 15-Art Experience: Finger Painting

Last art project of the semester and it was my favorite kind of art. FINGER PAINTING

I work at an after school program and my favorite kind of activities are when we can paint and use our fingers. Just because it is simple and messy. Kids love it and so do I!

I decided to actually make something, something festive. A snow(person) well kind of. The colors are not exactly “right”.

It was hard though.

My fingers are too big and you cannot make a lot of details with them, so they are abstract snow(people).  This reminded me of our graffitti experience. They both were hard for me. It was hard for me to control the extent of the outline of my snow(people) I had to keep make it bigger. The same thing happened when I was graffitti-ing, I could not control the width of the spray can.


It was fun this semester making art, all kinds of art.


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