Week 15- Artist Conversation: Ariel Maldonado

Ariel Maldonado

Exhibition: SOA Holiday Gift Sale

Media: plants, ceramics, dye

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

Instagram: ariel_maldonado

Ariel Maldonado is a 4th year CSULB student pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Ceramics. She fell in love with ceramics in high school and decided to pursue it in college. She wants to live in an art residency after graduating this upcoming semester, but eventually becoming an artist of the world.

Ariel Maldonado’s artwork at the Holiday Gift Sale consisted of succulent plants, bowls and wall designs in total she had 70 items. The succulents were small and green. The wall designs were darker colors and looked like a plate but are not meant to be used for food. The plates are smooth.

Ariel only took a week to complete all 70 items for the Holiday Sale. Ariel likes to create a balance in her work by using dark and soft colors. With the succulent plants, Ariel is creating life and being eco-friendly.

The Holiday Sale was amazing, there were so many beautiful pieces on display. It was amazing how Ariel made all these items in 1 week, that is dedication. I also enjoyed Ariel’s little succulent plants. They help create fresh air but are also eco-friendly, especially during this drought. Not just Ariel but all the other artists, thank you for sharing your artwork with us.


CAM06892.jpg CAM06894.jpg


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