Week 10- Art Experience: Fiber Art Social Network

Social Network.

I associate “social network” with social media. I do not think of my friends, family, coworkers .. etc as my social network but plainly the people I know and care for.

My social network on the other hand is full of people I know, have met or known in my life. Friends from elementary school that I do not actually know anymore or speak to at all.

The amount of “Friends” you have on social media is not important to me. It used to be when I first joined and when I was younger. The more friends I had the cooler and better I thought I was, but now I do not care. I stopped looking at the numbers and the likes.  I do not care for social media interaction, I do not even use it really. Even if I did use it more often, I would only interact with a handful of people.

I think Dunbar’s number is approximately correct. It is hard to build a lot of truly meaningful and long lasting relationships. 150 is already pushing it for me. I think I only have about 20, probably less than 20 in reality, real connections with people.

Making my network of friends put into perspective the people I care most about and the relationships we have. Who I consider my family? Who my friends are? Overall who I even care for.



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